We all ‘work’ at something each day – projects, tasks, emails, meetings, organizing or leading, finding new work or clients, dealing with conflicts, going places, managing time, or earning money...

Does your daily work inspire or exhaust your spirit?

Is it mostly about making a living and getting things done? Or can it be more than that, so you have more life, do work that matters to you, and create a better world?

And how do we do what we do with more love, soul & purpose – so we not only "get the job done," but raise, inspire each other, and deepen our humanity?

Who We Are
Created in 1999, the Centre for Spirituality at Work is a network of about 1000 people.
Based in Toronto, Canada, it includes those who are self-employed, in small-to-large companies & organizations, volunteers and unemployed - locally, regionally & around the world. Our focus is on:

  • growing our spiritual understanding, experience and connection
  • drawing on a deeper wisdom within/around us
  • finding practical ways to create real results in our work, and
  • helping others to do the same.

So what is "spirituality"? It's however you define it. For some, it's an experience of something larger than oneself. A connection to nature, our deeper humanity or life itself. For others, it's a belief in God, a higher power, intelligence or mind. And for still others, it's about expressing the human spirit in a more fulfilled way, regardless of our beliefs. The Centre is a place to discover what we have in common, and to deepen the connection for ourselves between who we are and the work that we do.

About Our Work
The Centre provides programs, services and community to support your ‘spirit’ at work. We have:

  • monthly Breakfasts to help you meet/talk with people of like mind,
  • local Conversation Evenings & Workshops, and monthly Teleconferences (available anywhere), to engage, educate and deepen how we apply our faith/spiritual values at work, plus
  • Coaching & Consulting services to help you deal with specific needs & issues, or ways to apply this in your work, business or organization.

In all of these, we address both the opportunities and the challenges - by talking openly about difficulties that accompany spiritual growth; the pain, frustration, conflicts and ego we can experience at work; and the challenges of talking openly about spirituality or faith with others, especially in professional circles.

Rather than convincing others what to believe, the Centre is about living our own values & beliefs and bringing them into what we do.Our focus is also on creating a community of practice, to support and learn from each other about how to apply this wisdom at work - so as to uplift our spirits & our work/places, and heal our world.

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Eric Hellman
Centre for Spirituality at Work